Japan Boss Coffee

On my first trip to Japan and Korea back in 2017 I had noticed all the vending machines with cans of Boss Coffee but never bothered to purchase any, mainly because I don’t like coffee. In 2019 I committed to at least give Boss Coffee a try since it seems to be something of a Japanese commercial icon. I looked up reviews people had posted of the various Boss Coffee flavors and decided to go with Rainbow Mountain Blend since I love sweets and it seemed to be the sweetest version of Boss Coffee.

While it still has that distinct coffee flavor that I’m not a big fan of, Rainbow Mountain Blend turned out to be an ok beverage. It didn’t become something I drank regularly during my trip but I bought a can of Rainbow Mountain Blend about five or so times over the course of my 2.5-month journey across Japan and Korea. Whenever I’m next able to return to Japan and/or Korea I’ll probably drink a can of it at least once.

Fun fact: In Japan, the older commercials for Boss Coffee featured the American actor Tommy Lee Jones. Apparently he speaks half-decent Japanese and personally I think a lot of the commercials are pretty funny. Look them up on Youtube if you’re curious. Below I’ve embedded one of my favorite commercials, which involves Tommy Lee Jones being a high school teacher.


  1. Boss coffee is so famous with the Japanese, they even appear inside some video games. For example, the Sega Yakuza series.

    I have a huge weakness for all those colorful cans too. 🙂 I buy up to 5 times a day when there. 😛

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    1. If I could purchase it cheaply, I’d buy a box of Rainbow Mountain Blend and drink a can whenever I was reminiscing about my travels in Japan.

      I’ve never played the Yakuza games but I’ve heard people say good things about them. At some point I might give the series a try.


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