Jeonju Korea PNB Bakery

Jeonju Korea PNB Bakery

Jeonju Korea PNB Bakery

Before leaving Jeonju I got some snacks from one of the outlets of PNB Bakery. There are multiple PNB Bakery shops around Jeonju and the one I visited was on Paldal-ro, several blocks north of Jeonju’s main sightseeing area. PNB Bakery has been around since 1951 and apparently can only be found in Jeonju, sort of like how Lucky Pierrot is only in Hakodate. I had read online that PNB Bakery is really popular with both locals and tourists alike, and there were certainly a lot of people inside the shop. After browsing for a few minutes I bought six different treats, three of which I’d eat soon afterwards while I was waiting around at Jeonju’s train station. I liked these pastries quite a bit, and in retrospect I wish I had bought a few more.

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